Tips For Planning An Affordable Beach Wedding

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You have always dreamed of saying your "I do's" on the beach but assume that a destination beach wedding is not in your budget. Luckily, if you dig a little deeper and start looking for clever ways to save you will quickly find that a beautiful beach wedding is well within your budget. Here are a few simple ways you can plan the affordable beach wedding of your dreams.

Choose a Local Venue

If you have always dreamed of a destination beach wedding, but that type of affair is not in your budget, consider hosting the affair at a local beach. This could be anywhere from a public beach to a friend's private beach or a beach on a federal park. Before you plan a local beach wedding, do your homework to determine if the spot can be used legally and any fees related to using the beach.

For example, even if a beach is private does not mean that you do not need to secure the proper permits to host the wedding on the property. Sometimes, all you might need to host a wedding on a public beach is the city or county's approval.

Plan an Off-Season Resort Wedding

There are no public or private beaches near where you live so you have decided the only way to host an amazing beach wedding is to plan a destination wedding. There are options available that can help you save money on a destination wedding. For example, work with a resort to plan an all-inclusive wedding during the off-season.

Typically, the prices are more affordable during the off-season simply because the area is not as popular. Be aware that because it is the off-season, there might be some inclement weather or other factors you will need to factor into your wedding plans.

Keep the Decorations Simple

The best part about having a beach wedding is that your surroundings can act as your wedding décor. Instead of spending a small fortune on flowers, take advantage of the scenery and readily available items, such as beautiful shells or nearby wildflowers, to decorate the aisles and an archway.

When it comes to the food and beverages, keep this simple, as well. Most beach weddings are casual affairs and because of this, you can get away with serving cocktails and a light meal for your guests.

From simplifying your decorations to planning during the off-season, there are several ways you can host an affordable beach wedding.

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