5 People Who Can Help You Choose A Wedding Venue

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As you shop for wedding venues, certainly the most important factor is how you and your fiancé feel about the venue. But to choose a location that will make for the perfect day, you should consider bringing along some of these people on one of your tours.

1. Your Wedding Planner

Experienced wedding planners will be familiar with most local venues. However, if yours isn't familiar with a spot you're thinking of, make sure they tag along on a visit. Wedding planners know much better than most what is needed for a successful wedding. And they know what to ask the venue representatives. 

2. Your Main Attendant

A good friend is a great person to give you a second opinion. They know your style, your taste, your values, and probably your budget. Not only can they look at the venues from your perspective, but they also have their own take on things. Why? While they are involved in the wedding, they're more impartial than you, and they'll experience the venue in different ways than you will on the big day. 

3. One or More Vendors

Have you already chosen some of your key vendors? People like the caterer, baker, or florist should assess the location with the eye of those who will work it. Some nontraditional wedding venues, like beautiful mansions, have plenty of practical necessities like space for vendors to work. Others may not have things like dedicated rooms for vendors. While you may not think about this, your vendors will.  

4. Your Photographer

A wedding venue is more than just a place to host a party. It should also provide great locations for wedding photos. If you want a mansion wedding, for instance, walk the indoor and outdoor spaces available with your photographer to see what sort of backdrops and props it will provide. 

5. Your Lead Helper

Who will assist you with the planning, decoration, setup, and breakdown of the wedding? Often, a good friend or family member who is not part of the wedding party is given much responsibility during the practical preparation for your nuptials. They should be on hand to see the venue for themselves. These helpers serve as an extra set of eyes and will be better prepared to handle things you delegate. 

Where to Start

As you prepare to shop for a wedding location, start by talking with these individuals and arranging them to see venues with you or on their own. As you and your full team assess the various wedding locale options, you're sure to find a great choice that will result in a perfect day. 

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