Four Tips For Finding A Safe And Welcoming LGBTQIA Wedding Venue

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Your wedding day is a time to celebrate your love for your partner, but it can sometimes be challenging to find a venue that offers the amenities you want while welcoming LGBTQIA couples. Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can narrow down the available options and find a space worthy of your special day. Use the following tips to help ensure an experience to remember.

LGBTQIA-Friendly Neighborhood Research

In many major cities, and even in a few smaller towns and suburbs, there are LGBTQIA-friendly neighborhoods. These may be areas where people from your community tend to live and operate businesses. If you don't already know of neighborhoods near you that might be welcoming, consider doing a quick bit of research. This is also a good idea for destination weddings to ensure a friendly and open atmosphere. You may find that many of the restaurants in these neighborhoods offer catering or room rentals for weddings, so don't be shy about sampling food and taking a tour before settling on a venue.

TAG Approved Hotels

In many cities, such as Indianapolis and Phoenix, you can find hotels that carry the Tag Approved logo. TAG Approved hotels have proven themselves to be committed to creating a LGBTQIA-friendly atmosphere and providing relevant diversity training for staff. You can feel more comfortable booking a ballroom in one of these hotels, knowing that the staff is there to make you feel comfortable and welcome on your special day. Visit the tourism website for the city you want to host your wedding in to help narrow down venue options. Remember to keep TAG Approved hotels in mind even if you don't book your wedding in one. You may be able to reserve a room block for out-of-town guests to help them feel at ease while visiting for your wedding.

Venue Staff Interviews

One way to make sure you feel completely confident in your venue choice is to ask to interview several members of the venue staff during your tour. Pay attention to their willingness to respect your pronoun choices and their overall sense of enthusiasm about your wedding plans. Great venue staff will be excited to help you make your wedding day perfect. If you sense tension, or even some animosity, keep searching to find a venue that is worthy of you and your partner.

Gay-Owned Businesses

You can support the LGBTQIA community while hosting your wedding by seeking out gay-owned venues and vendors. Ask the proprietors of a favorite restaurant or bar if you can rent the space for a single night, even if weddings aren't on the current list of services. You may find the perfect venue you didn't know existed simply by asking around in your local LGBTQIA-friendly neighborhood. Consider working with catering companies or chefs, florists, and other vendors from the community to show extra love and support while planning your special day. Learn more about LGBT wedding venues near you today. 

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