5 Tips To Create A Great Rooftop Wedding

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A rooftop wedding can be a simple route to a beautiful wedding. But what kind of décor should you plan for your open sky nuptials? Read on for five tips on maximizing this great venue while minimizing problems from its unique nature. 

1. Find The Best View

While most rooftop venues offer multiple great angles, you'll want to choose your favorite to highlight. Angle the ceremony backdrop, grand entrance, or decorations to make the most out of this particular viewpoint. Of course, your guests can and should enjoy all the unique spots offered up here, but finding your favorite gives your layout a structure. 

2. Don't Block The View

The big draw for rooftop weddings is the view, so don't block it needlessly. The best place to use additional decorations, like flowers and candle stands, is at and below the parapet or wall forming the perimeter of your space. Walk around your venue to make sure that what you add to the space enhances the views rather than taking away from them. 

3. Plan for The Wind

Roofs are gorgeous, but they can become windy. Rather than fighting flapping tulle and wind-whipped curtains, embrace décor that won't move as easily in the breeze. Replace light rental chairs with stable vintage lounge chairs and tables. Or skip the wispy flowers and small vases, using striking pedestals or decorated columns instead. And opt for cool lighting you can secure.  

4. Minimize The Décor

If you choose a good venue with a great view, you shouldn't need many additional decorations. Let the ambiance do the work for you. Add embellishments that embrace and enhance the style of the rooftop patio, using it as part of your decorations rather than something to cover up. The focus should be on what's around the venue. 

5. Be Practical

Rooftops can be more complicated to navigate for a big party. You may have to deal with a long trip to and from vehicles as well as navigating city traffic and parking. The venue may have less convenient arrangements for facilities or vendors. Additionally, some are limited in size. The simpler you keep things, then, the easier it will be. Consider simpler décor, a limited guest list, and staying in one place for both ceremony and reception. 

A rooftop wedding is a statement event both you and your guests will love. When you embrace its unique nature as well as its challenges, you'll turn a great idea into a stunning wedding. Contact a rooftop wedding venue for more information.

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