Want a Bright and Colorful Wedding? 3 Tips for Picking a Venue

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At some point after getting engaged, you may feel that you are ready to start making concrete plans for your wedding. This may lead to a situation in which you envision what you want your wedding to look like so you can begin making important decisions about the event.

If you determine that you are interested in a bright and colorful wedding, you will find that the best way to make this happen is to prioritize certain details when choosing a venue.


The location that you pick for your wedding will play a huge role in your ability to enjoy a bright wedding with lots of colors. In most situations, you should prioritize outdoor venues with lots of flowers growing around the entire venue, as this will ensure that they show up in the photos.

A possible alternative is picking an interior venue with ample lighting through floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, and light fixtures throughout the entire space. Getting lots of different colors incorporated into your wedding ceremony may not be hard when you find a venue with color variation everywhere.

If you end up loving a bright venue without a lot of color, you can always choose a package or hire vendors that can bring in all the color that you want as part of the theme for your wedding.


To enjoy a bright wedding in which you rely on natural light either partially or completely, you need to make sure that your ceremony and reception happens on a sunny day. This makes it worth looking at daily and weekly averages to determine which days and weeks are the sunniest in your climate. Afterward, you should book a wedding to occur on or around these dates.

While this will not guarantee that you are going to get a sunny wedding, you may feel good knowing that you are doing everything you can to make it happen.


Another important part of getting a bright and colorful wedding is picking the right time for the wedding to take place. For instance, you may want to keep the wedding from happening in the late evening when you cannot rely on photos to pick up bright colors as well as they could during the day.

If you are determined to get married at a venue that looks bright and colorful, you should make sure to prioritize these crucial details to satisfy your wants and needs for your wedding.

For more information about a wedding venue to suit your theme and taste, contact a local reception venue.

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