Why Throw A Barn Wedding?

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Are you planning a wedding and wanting to keep the nuptials private, yet also charming? A barn wedding can prove to be a great venue to spend this special day, and there are many reasons why. Learn why a barn wedding venue is a great option when it comes to planning your wedding. Discuss a barn wedding with your wedding planner.

You get to be outdoors, but have protection

The charm of having an outdoor wedding also comes with some fear — what if the wedding were to get rained out, or it's so hot outside guests are suffering in the sun? What if the wedding day is riddled with wind, or there are other reasons to bring the nuptials indoors?

When you have a barn wedding, you get the appeal of an outdoor wedding with the comfort of an indoor cover. A barn can be left wide open so you can still feel like you are saying your nuptials outside, while still allowing you to have access to shade or shelter should the weather take a turn.

You get to have a charming backdrop

A barn wedding venue gives you a beautiful and charming, simple backdrop for you to enjoy for your pictures. Whether you want to get married in the barn and enjoy your first dance inside, or you want to get married in front of the barn so you have the beautiful, classic backdrop behind you, the barn itself proves to be a beautiful accessory to your big day.

You can get married any time of year

A barn wedding site is often designed for all-year nuptials. If you get married in the winter, then you can get married in front of a classic fire. If you get married in the spring or summer, you get to enjoy the lush barnyard scenery as part of your venue's charm. If fall is when you wish to get hitched, then you can take advantage of a harvest theme to make your wedding day complete.

Your wedding planner will help you plan the barn wedding venue out so it's unique to your needs. You can have the barn set up for indoor seating, or allow the barn to be used for the reception area or dance floor. Your barn wedding site can be made as romantic or charming as you want it to be, and can make your nuptials even more personal and enjoyable. Choose a barn wedding venue that has many of the features you desire to make your day complete. Reach out to venues like Saxon Manor to learn more. 

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