Hiring A Wedding DJ? Get Ready To Build Your Playlist

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Are you planning to hire a DJ for your wedding to take care of all the music for the night? If so, you still will likely have plenty of suggestions for what kind of music is played. Here are some tips to help you think of the songs you'll need to pick for your wedding reception playlist.

Announcement Song

One of the first songs that will play at your wedding is when you are announced as a couple when entering the reception hall for the first time. Some couples like to be playful with this song, picking something fun or humorous as people applaud when they enter the room. Make sure to have fun with it, even if your parents want you to go a more traditional direction. This is your wedding day, and you should do what you want to make it fun and memorable.

First Dances

There will be a few first dance songs that you will want to put time into picking out for your wedding reception. This includes the mother and son dance, as well as the father and daughter dance. Pick a song that will be meaningful to dance to with your parents, with something that has thoughtful lyrics that you can listen to while you enjoy your moment together. If you can't think of something, don't be afraid to search online for inspiration, since you may run into a song that was not on your radar.

The same can be said for the first dance as a married couple. Pick a song that has meaning to the two of you, since it will bring back memories each time you hear it in the future. 

Themed Dances

You'll likely want to have some themed dances throughout the night that will require special music selection. For instance, you may want to have line dancing, square dancing, or even break out the Macarena for some nostalgia. Think about what dances you want to do and if they will require a specific music selection.

Favorite Songs

It will also be a good idea to pick out a few favorite songs of yours that you want to hear throughout the night. You don't need to pick out all the songs for the entire night, but enough for your DJ to sprinkle them in between the songs that they pick to keep the reception moving all night long.

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