Planning A Beach Wedding? Things You Probably Want To Know

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The soft sand beneath bare feet, the sounds of seagulls and gentle waves, and sights that make any photo look amazing—it is no wonder why so many people love the idea of having a beach wedding. If you have been making plans for your ideal wedding and the idea of saying your vows on a sandy shoreline sounds good, you may have a few questions. Here is a look at some of the most common. 

How big of a concern is the weather?

Weather concerns are always something to think about any time you are planning a wedding outdoors. However, beaches can be a rather stable place to hold a wedding, especially in certain parts of the country. For example, at a beach in Southern California, you probably will not have to be so concerned that rain will ruin your big day. Before scheduling your date at a beach wedding venue, it is always good to talk to the venue owner about typical weather patterns at certain times of the year. 

What is usually included at the beach venue?

What will be included can always vary depending on what beach venue it is you choose. However, many of the beach venues available will provide similar things. For example, you may find a venue that provides the following: 

  • An arch or decorative focal point for the bride and groom to stand in front of or under 
  • Seating for a limited number of guests 
  • A satin runner for the bride to walk on "down the aisle" 

It is always a good idea to talk to the venue owner to find out what is included. You may find that some places that offer beach wedding packages as well, which can include things like flower arrangements, live music, and other wedding ceremony desirables. 

How much do beach weddings cost?

Beach weddings can be a range of prices depending on many factors, just like any other wedding. If you do a beach wedding ceremony without securing a certain venue, you may pay as much as $300 just to get a permit to use the public beach for a private event. Beach wedding venues often offer coordinated event packages, which can be as basic or extravagant as you wish to go. For example, you may pay as little as $200 for just a ceremony and no extras at some places, or you can pay about $2,995 for a package with chairs, an arbor, and music provided. 

To learn more, contact a beach wedding venue.

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