4 Tips For Throwing A Boho Chic Wedding

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When planning your wedding, you want the event to reflect the most important parts of your personality. A generic wedding might be pretty, but it won't tell the story of the love you share with your partner. If you're someone who loves rustic beauty and all things bohemian, a boho-chic wedding is an elegant way to incorporate those interests. Here are four tips for throwing a boho-chic wedding.

1. Find the perfect venue.

The first thing on your list should be finding the right venue. You'll need to do this before you start scheduling anything else because you'll need to have a concrete date to give your other vendors. Outdoor settings are ideal for boho weddings. They create the right atmosphere for a rustic yet elegant wedding. Farm wedding venues are perfect for the occasion. They have old-world charm, but since they're often used as wedding venues, the owners will be knowledgeable enough to help you structure your event. Most farm wedding venues have both indoor and outdoor spaces for the ceremony, which you can utilize based on the weather.

2. Choose a reception space.

In order to save yourself time and stress, you should consider finding a wedding venue that also includes a reception space. Making this choice will make things easier for your guests too. They will be able to relax after the wedding ceremony and mingle with each other, rather than immediately hurrying to get to a new venue. Many farm wedding venues offer barn or loft spaces that are perfect for your reception. If having an onsite reception is important to you, make sure you prioritize this when selecting your wedding venue.

3. Prepare your decorations.

The best wedding venues don't need a lot of additional decoration in order to be fabulous, but you'll likely still want to set some up. Once you've seen your wedding venue, you can begin to plan for the kinds of decorations you'll want to use. Prepare as many of your decorations in advance as possible. If you're using centerpieces, start assembling them. Purchase any lights, scarves, or drapery you plan to use to dress up the venue.

4. Choose a boho gown.

The bridal gown is the focal point of any wedding. Fussy, traditional gowns may look out of place at a boho-chic wedding. Instead of a structured gown, consider choosing a flowy dress with bohemian inspiration. Romantic, lacy wedding dresses are perfect for the occasion.

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